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Enhancing the environmental sustainability of

subsea telecommunication networks—

the global links of our digital world


Carbon Emissions Savings Calculator

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Based on data provided by industry partners, SSN researchers develop the first calculator in the industry to measure carbon emission savings in transitioning to remote work. Plot the meeting frequency, timeframe, number of participants per meetings, as well relevant information related to travel to find out how much CO2 your organization can save per each project.

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Why Cables?

Satellite gets all the hype, but subsea cables do all the work. Our global cable network carries almost 100% of transoceanic internet traffic. Without cables, the Internet as we know it would be largely split between continents. To date, no organization has taken on the challenge to document the sustainability of this underwater network.

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A rocky ridge is rich with coral, sponge communities, and other organic particles.

Why Sustainability?

Despite seemingly boundless potential, we live on a finite planet. As climate change and resource access shape the parameters of human existence, we must rethink our approach to what we need, what we use, and how we use it - in ways that protect the health and stability of our only world. We believe that research is a crucial aspect of enhancing network sustainability. 

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