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Want to participate in Sustainable Subsea Networks? 



  • You can share sustainability initiatives you have underway, whether the construction of sustainable facilities or simple stories of employees biking to work. We feature many of your stories in our Sustainability Spotlight news column.


  • You can share energy use data and energy providers. This helps us to assess the carbon footprint of the subsea cable system. This is important not only for increasing efficiency, but for guiding our investigation into potential new modes of organization for the global telecommunications network. With their very small footprint, cable systems might be leveraged to create a more sustainable network as a whole.


  • You can become part of our team. We are interested in connecting with people from across the industry to create a more sustainable network.


We are currently soliciting both individual and company participants.


You can contact us at sustainablesubseanetworks [at] gmail [dot] com to learn more about the project and to contribute to making our industry as environmentally friendly as possible.

A subsea cable landing on the shore.

About your participation

Participation in our research is of no cost to you. It benefits the industry as a whole as we map the carbon footprint’s different parts and offer innovative ideas for energy reduction.

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